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Year of the Metal Earth Ox begins on 12th February 2021 to 31st January 2022! Chap Goh Mey falls on 26th February 2021!

Cosmic Wind Water Experience! Bachelor Level Pre-order LogIn.  This code is for 2 Levels. Inclusive of the Executive and Bachelor Level.

Pre-order Tickets/Login for Lady Lynn’s  /Chinese New Year Seminar – Cosmic Wind Water Seminar, Executive Level is from 4th February after 15.00 hour.

Chinese New Year Seminar – Bachelor Level Log in code will be mailed to you on 4th February 2021 The validity for the Bachelor Level  is for 6 days from 9th February to 15th February 2021.

Email address is crucial to mention so that we can mail to you the LogIn code and through your email you can watch the videos over and over again at your convenience.

Important information: Since you have bought a Bachelor Level LogIn, you can use this code to log in as from 4th February 2021 at 15.00 hour for the first Executive Level, 5 days later you can log in for the Bachelor Level on 9th February after 15.00 hours and  if you decide that you would like to join in the Master Level, all you need to do is to mail to us and pay an extra of €10,00 to get your LogIn for the Master Level on 12th February 2021.  Your LogIn will than be valid through 9 days as from 12th of February 2021 to 21th February 2021! Please mail to us to enquire.

Please tell your families and friends if you are satisfied about the presentation. The LogIn can be bought the whole year through! Each time a LogIn is bought the validity will be 3 / 6 or 9 days from the moment you LogIn.

Tip: You can agree with a few friends and buy the LogIn on turns so that you can all watch the videos over and over again. It is very educational.

PDF Handout: