Cosmic Wind Water Chinees Nieuwjaar Lezing – Executive Level EN – LogIn code



  1. Cosmic Wind Water Experience! Chinese New Year Seminar – Executive Level LogIn code
  2. Year of the Metal & Earth Ox begins on 12th February 2021 to 31st January 2022!
  3. Pre-order Tickets/LogIn for Lady Lynn’s  /Chinese New Year Seminar – Cosmic Wind Water Seminar is now available online!

(Important information: Since you have bought an EXECUTIVE Level LogIn, you can use this code to log in anytime in 2021 for the first Executive Level. 3-4 days later you can log in for the Bachelor Level.  If you decide to purchase the Bachelor and the Master Level you only have to pay an extra charge of €10,00 for each logIn. Please fill in the form your Executive / Bachelor Level code.  The last Master Level LogIn starts from 12th February 2021!)

Please tell your families and friends if you are satisfied about the presentation. The LogIn can be bought the whole year through! Each time a LogIn is bought the validity will be 3 / 6 or 9 days from the moment you LogIn.